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Colombian President Ivan Duque Signs decree to export Dried Cannabis Flower for Medicinal Purposes

Updated: Jul 26, 2021

From Pesca, Boyacá, President Iván Duque signed the decree that will allow the export of the dried flower of cannabis for medicinal purposes.

The event was held in the cultivation of Clever Leaves , the world's leading producer of medical cannabis.

Colombia today eliminates the ban on the export of dried flower and that represents for Colombia to play big in the international market" . It does so thinking of dried flower with medicinal uses and, therefore, all traceability and the chain is oriented to fulfill that purpose ”, he said.

The head of state added that this new decree will allow the sector to become one of the largest generators of employment.

“We are making room for the dried flower to be inserted in the chain of use of the concept of the free regime, or free zones, to have processing, packaging and export . And that means revenue for the industry, "he said.

Clever Leaves has been based in the municipality for five years and, together with other companies, will be able to export its products to international markets.

Initially it has exported the cannabis in oil, but with the decree it will be able to export the product in other presentations.

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